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General Description

Magnetic proximity switches are used to detect the position of a moving object without mechanical actuation. The MSW switches have been specially designed for mine hoist applications.

The distinctive feature of MSW switches is their high sensitivity, allowing them to be activated from a relatively long distance from the actuating magnet, and the ability to withstand heavy electrical loads. The switch also has a heavy duty, water tight, corrosion resistant red brass enclosure to ensure reliability against the harsh conditions normally present in mining applications.

• Switch type MSW-L offers “latching” type operation. It will stay either open or closed after being subjected to a magnetic field. Its state (open/closed) is maintained even after power supply failure. These are ideal for detecting the position of a mine hoist conveyance in the shaft.

• Switch type MSW-P is a “pulse” type switch. It will close when subjected to a magnetic field and open when the field is gone.

On special request, MSW switches are available in a supersensitive version (greater actuating distance) and they are designated with the suffix “S”. Caution should be taken when installing these switches as due to their sensitivity. They may be affected by magnetized steel parts or power cables being in the vicinity of the switch.

The output circuit of the standard MSW switches incorporates a triac, making them suitable for AC circuits only. On special request, they can also be delivered for DC circuit application, but this version limits the electrical load to 25 W (resistive load) with maximum switching current of 1.0A and maximum switching voltage of 120 V.

The MSW switches can operate with different types of actuating magnets. For mine hoist applications, we recommend Sygnatech MM-1 magnets. They are flat, relatively thin, and easy to mount on the side of the conveyance. The standard version is type MM-1-S, which has the South pole facing the switch.